The Sheep Shop storefront hours are changing to accommodate the ways we have changed and grown. Currently, we are open on Fridays & Saturdays from noon until five in the afternoon.

Sheepskin Hats

Sheepskin Hats

The Perfect Addition to Make a Bold Statement With Any Outfit

Accent any outfit with a classic sheepskin fur hat, a statement making duchess, or just keep your ears warm with our fun and cozy sheepskin fur earmuffs. Our sheepskin hats are handmade in the USA, right at our shop in Ithaca, NY. Our products represent more than just a product, they're individual works of art. We take pride in every hat that brings joy, excitement, comfort, or sophistication to our customer's lives.   

Whatever style, color, or texture you fancy, we invite you to explore our sheepskin fur headwear designs, crafted from the finest quality shearling.

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