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Sheepskin Mittens
Sheepskin Mittens
Sheepskin Mittens
Sheepskin Mittens

Sheepskin Mittens

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Our fine sheepskin fur mittens are the ultimate mittens for providing warmth and comfort in the cold winter months. They're great for all kinds of casual winter activity or just walking the dog on a crisp winter morning. Our sheepskin mittens are also a popular choice for sitting at outdoor sporting events or snow-blowing the driveway.

The fur mitten cuffs can be rolled down to cover more of the arm and fit under some coat sleeves

We can't resist quoting the original copy for these mittens, which included "Not ideal for driving, but great for punching a friend!"

Our sheepskin mittens are made in the USA, right here in our workshop in Ithaca, NY.


To determine your size, you can measure the circumference of the four knuckles at the base of the fingers. Use a tape measure or a string and then lay the string on a ruler. That measurement in inches is your glove/mitten size, i. e. 7 1/2 inches equals a size 7 1/2 etc. In our mitten sizing, 6.5-7 = small, 7.5-8 = medium, 8.5-9 = large


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