Sheepskin Vests

Sheepskin Vests

The Vest Things in Life...

Some things bring you joy. Some things are truly useful. Some things are beautiful and inspiring. While no thing IS you, some things help serve you as you express your soul into this world. Some things are well worth the effort of procuring and maintaining them.

These things are the vest things.

The vest things are the things you get excited about every time you interact with them. The vest things make you feel more like or amplify your best self. The vest things are beautiful AND useful. The vest things feel at home anywhere you feel at home. The vest things can continue to journey with you, even as you change and grow.

It was in this spirit that we created these sheepskin vests. Functional articles of adornment in which there is nothing there that doesn't need to be, leaving all the room in the world for YOU.