Have Us Craft a Custom Sheepskin Product

Ithaca Sheepskin isn't just a business, it is a creative outlet for two passionate artisans.
Therefore, we couldn't possibly be confined to the items listed in our online store. Oftentimes, items are available in colors or finishes other than those listed. When we have a limited number of fleeces in a special color, we often don't add it to the "official" catalog. If you like an item, but wish it were some other color, let us know and we can get back to you with what we have in stock (or what we can order). 

Sometimes we experiment, altering a pattern slightly, playing with a new palette, testing a concept, or making a traditional pattern with a wild twist. These sell as one-of-a-kind items. Have a vision? Maybe we can work together to make it happen, we're certainly open to talking about it. 

Last but not least, if there is an item you want, but it isn't listed in your size, it's likely that we can accommodate you. We've made some pretty big slippers in the past.